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Monday 8th February


Today we are going to be drawing on the minute and hour hands on the clock faces. Remember to count round the clock in 5's starting at the number 1 to work out the minutes. 


Our text today is all about 'Pirate Skills'. These are all of the things you have to be able to do to be a pirate! Read through the skills and answer the questions about becoming a pirate. All of the answers are written in the text you just have to find them!


We have arrived in the Cryptic Cave and and can see the chest ahead of us. But what is that?! Blocking the chest is a scary looking creature with three heads! How do we defeat it to get to the chest? 


Christopher Columbus thinks that the natives might be able to help us with this quest. We need to describe the creature to them and ask them how to defeat it.



We need to break this creature down into the parts we can see (nouns).


We need to write a clear description of each part of the creature. We need to write at least 3 sentences for each part to help the natives understand the exact creature we are faced with. 


Our special word today is 'with'. This will help us give more information and make our description clear.


Don't forget to use noun phrases to give detail too!

e.g. The creature has three giant heads with spiky collars around their muscly necks.


Help the explorers navigate their new map. Follow the instructions and see what they can find. Find where the number and the letter meet and see what the picture is!