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Complete the GP and workbook activities. Read the volume of each beaker in millimetres and record the answer down in the box.


This week we are looking at the skill 'visualisation'. Before reading a section of the chapter of 'The boy in the dress' we did a preview of the book. A preview is when you think about what the story might be about, investigate the front cover, pictures and the blurb. Today's task is to complete the sheet below where you will have to use clues (front cover, blurb etc.) to think what they might tell us about the story, what do you think is the author trying to achieve?


This week, we are writing a biography on Charles Darwin. In the live input, we looked at a biography of Mary Berry. Whilst reading this biography, we thought about the different features and what makes it a biography? Now we have understood this, we can think about what a biography of Charles Darwin will look like. You can make today's task as simple as you want by recording your facts in a table or create an eye-catching mood board. Your mood board or table of facts will be all about Charles Darwin and his life. I want you to find everything about his life! Who was he? Why was he famous? What did he achieve? How old was he when he died? Was he married? Did he have any children? Where was he born? And lots more! Underneath there are different pictures of mood boards for inspiration, a table to record your facts, web links on Charles Darwin and a poster to remind you of the key features of a biography.


Today's adventure task leads perfectly into our writing this week, you will need to go through the pp and collect information on Charles Darwin. Then after you have the information, you need to plot it on the timeline in the order in which it happened. The first thing that happened on the left going all the way to right where you will plot the most recent.