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Adventure 2 - If I Ran a Zoo

Our second adventure this year is all about a zoo! We will be learning lots about the animals who live there and helping them out along the way. Our adventure started with a mysterious white egg that was left on our field... Who's could it be? 

Miss Thornton found a mysterious egg on the field and we had to go and investigate. Once we got to the top field, Miss Collinson told us we had to stay back because we didn’t know what it was. After some time discussing, we had a few guesses and thought it could be an ostriches egg, crocodile egg or a ducks egg.


After finding the egg and not knowing who it belonged to, we decided to make a poster to find the owner and learn more about the egg! Here are some of our fantastic posters that helped us find the owner… 

In RHSE, we have been looking at staying safe outdoors! We looked at safe places to cross the road and how to stop, look and listen. We looked at some scenarios and talked about how we could help people cross the road safely. Here is us practicing crossing the road. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

This week we have been helping a naughty lemur! He travelled all the way in a box from Madagascar! He even visited our class room and ruined it by eating our fruit, ripping up our maths work and tipping up our chairs! 


We then did some writing on the things he did in our class room! Take a look at how amazing we are…

Alfie’s work 

Sara’s work 

In geography we have looked at the difference between Human and physical features. We did this so we could compare Madagascar and Leeds and see the similarities and differences. 



Because our lemur friend has travelled all the way to Leeds, he has asked us to create a new place for him to live, which has more features from Madagascar. We worked in groups and talked about if we needed more physical or more human features and then created a new place for him to live in Leeds. 


 In DT we have been looking at designing our very own den! We had Chris come and teach us how to make one! We had so much fun and learnt lots of new skills.


After our workshop with Chris, we worked in groups to create a den for our lion friend who was very impressed with our skills! We made them our of sticks, leaves and mud! 

Today we had a theatre company come in and perform a Christmas play. It was so much fun! Miss Gardiner and Miss Whitehead got involved in the show too!  

In  art this half term, we have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy! He is an artist known for his use of natural resources and his sculptures. We created these animals inspired by him using natural resources like sticks, rocks and leaves to make a sculpture. We had so much fun! 

This week we had a guest artist Zoe come in! She showed us how to draw illustrations! We had lots of fun drawing. Thanks for coming Zoe we had so much fun. 


This week we have been using the conjunction ‘because’ in our work. Here is some of our fabulous writing! 


In RE we looked at welcoming people. We talked about what it means to welcome people into a new environment and community. We made a welcome book for people to look at when they visit our class. 

We had a Christmas party where we danced lots, played pass the parcel and ate lots of food. We had so much fun and got to wear our Christmas party clothes!