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Spellings - Words that have the -tch spelling (adding the 't' before 'ch').






TCH Trigraph Sound | TCH Song and Practice | ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children

This animated phonics song helps children learn the sound of the trigraph TCH in English. A trigraph is a combination of three letters representing one sound...


We are going to be working from workbook A, the children don't have these books at home so you will have to write the answers either on paper or print the worksheet.


We are learning to compare length and height, specifically focussing on shorter, taller, longer. It would be really useful if you could use items from around your house to teach the vocabulary - e.g. compare socks/toys/shoes etc and sort them tallest to shortest, shortest to longest. It is important the children are not just using the words 'smaller and bigger' as these are not specific enough. 

Comparing & Measuring Lengths - 1st Grade Math (1.MD.A.1 and 1.MD.A.2)

For more fun way to learn math visit Order three objects by length; compare the lengths of two objects indirectly by using a ...

Tall and Short | Jack Hartmann | Measurement Song

Tall or Short by Jack Hartmann introduces the concept of height and compares tall and short objects.Jack Hartmann gives real life examples of tall and short ...


This week we are going to be focussing on purple crayon! She is fed up because Duncan never colours inside the lines, he is so messy and scribbles everywhere. 


Have a watch of the video below of me reading the letter in The Day the Crayons Quit!

Purple Crayon's letter

Still image for this video

Today we are going to be writing a diary entry as Purple Crayon, this means we will be saying 'I' throughout. She wishes she was looked after properly and is writing in her diary about why she is fed up. 

I would like you to include:

Why Purple Crayon is upset.

How she feels.

What she wishes she was used for - by an artist? by an adult?

What she colours



Dear Diary,

I am so fed up of Duncan scribbling outside the lines. He is never careful with me and it makes me upset. I wish I was used by an artist who would colour butterflies, balloons and flowers neatly......


Make sure you use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your writing. Please try to extend your sentences using 'and'.


I would like you to design a crayon celebrating your uniqueness - this should include everything that makes you you. 

What colour will your crayon be? You could draw everything you love on it, this could be a hobby, a person, a toy!