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Friday 8th January

Maths - 


Today we are looking at matching the number to the word. See if you can practise by counting to 20. Have a go at writing them down. I will attach a number line blow to help you with your counting. Try and complete the worksheets below. See if you can do the first two worksheets. If you are finding it easy then you can complete the rest of the worksheets. 

Writing - 


We are going to do an editing lesson today. I have written a piece of work below, it is missing all of its capital letters and full stops! Do you think you could change the writing so that it makes sense? 

Reading - 


Watch the story below, enjoy :) 

I want to win!

Still image for this video

Handwriting - 


Watch the video below to see what letters you need to practise today. Try and complete a full line of both of the letters. 

Practising b and d

Still image for this video

Geography - 


We are going to look at human and physical features today of a map. Look at the video input below to help you with your work. 


Still image for this video

Natural And Man Made Things | Environmental Studies For Kids | Grade 3 | Vid #1

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