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             Welcome to Elder Class!!

Mrs Hudson and Mrs Russell welcome you to a very exciting half term. 

Our adventure is called 'Changes Through The Ages'.

Keep checking the website for further details and updates!!

On September 13th 2018, it was Roald Dahl's 102nd Birthday.  In celebration, we dressed up as his famous book characters.  Take a look...   

Our Adventure begins when brother and sister Eve and Gregg, visit Stonhenge with their grandma.  The chlidren learnt all about Stonehenge and wrote amazing leaflets to entice others to visit the mythical stone circle.
The children then made Stonehenge using salt dough.  Some made it as it would have originally looked whilst others chose to make a modern day looking Stonehenge.  

As Gregg and Eve are enjoying their visit to Stonehenge, they are magically transported back in time to the Stone Age.  Trapped, they are unsure what to do!  Fortunately,  they meet brother and sister Grugg and Ugger who help them and teach them all about the Stone Age.



They learnt about the various objects Stone Age people used and wore.  

Elder Class learnt a great deal about how people lived and the tools they used.  We have also learnt about how people used cave drawings to tell stories and pass on messages.  Have a look at our cave paintings.  Can you guess the messages hidden within?

We looked at many different cave paintings too and used them to help us write a Stone Age story.  We planned our writing first and used adverbs of time - then, next and soon.  We also used commas in a list.
The children then wrote their wonderful stories!
Grugg and Ugger helped Gregg and Eve understand Stone Age food - it was a little different to what they were used to!  Inspired by this, Elder class wrote a Stone Age menu.  First they planned it using persuasive language and exclamation marks.
Unable to find a way back home, Gregg and Eve find themselves in the Bronze Age.  They learn that this new metal was made from 90% copper and 10% tin.  This metal was amazing and much better than the usual stone.  The children looked at how the two materials compared to each other.
Time passed on and Gregg and Eve, still stuck in the past saw the beginning of the Iron Age.  This when they learnt about the Bell Beaker people - so called because of the shape of the pots they made.  Elder Class designed their own version of the Bell Beaker pots.
They had great fun making them out of clay too!
The Iron Age finally saw the completion of Stonehenge.  To celebrate the children created fantastic Stonehenge silhouette paintings.  
In the Iron Age, people lived in round houses on top of hill forts.  The round houses had very specific features which Elder Class were able to pick out.
The children enjoyed the adventure and learnt a great deal about how artefacts from the past help us to understand how people lived.  With this in mind the children created their own time capsule.  Inside they put an autobiography of their lives and some items from the classroom such as a pencil and rubber. 
These were then buried in the school grounds for future Westwood children to find!

The children enjoyed this activity more as they got to do it in their pyjamas!!