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Tuesday 26th January


We are continuing to look at 3D shapes. Today we are going to be thinking about the number of vertices (corners), number of edges (sides) and number of faces (smooth or curved areas) each shape has. Have a go at the pages below.


** on page 2 feel free to find 3D objects around the house and write them in the boxes rather than using the pictures on the table. This way your child can physically count the vertices, edges and faces**


We are continuing to read our story- Lost in the Garden Maze. Today we are going to be sequencing the story thinking about what happened before each of the events shown below. 


When Christopher Columbus set out on his mission he promised to keep the King and Queen of Spain up to date with his findings. 


Today we are going to let the Queen of England know how our mission is going. We need to tell her:

  • how we got here
  • what we found when we arrived
  • what we had to do
  • where we went first and what happened
  • where we went second and what happened
  • where we went third and what happened
  • where we are now and what is happing


We need to remember when we are writing this letter we are mostly talking about events that have happened in the past. We must write in past tense. Remember the -ed ending on words and think about the words- was, were, found, arrived.


When Christopher Columbus went on his travels he decided to take back some of the natives as prisoners! He made them work for now money and didn't treat them very nicely.


This time we don't want anything like that to happen. So instead of being mean to them we are going to thank them for all of their help so far!


Create a thank you card to give to the natives.