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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Dream, Believe, Achieve in Music

Music at Westwood

Where is the Dream, Believe, Achieve?

Dream (aspirations, experiences, ambition, develop own passions and interests, drive and motivation)

  • Children are taken to theatre performances and local productions in order to display the possible opportunities and jobs in the music industry.
  • Children are given opportunity to attend workshops and events in collaboration with artforms, such as The Big Samba and The Big Sing.
  • Musician of the week allows children to learn about the lives of artists from around different eras and around the world. During Pride Month, Black History Month, Disability Awareness Month etc, pioneering artists are celebrated to spread cultural awareness and acceptance.
  • Musical Theatre club and Choir are extra-curricular opportunities provided for the children to develop their own passions and interests.

Believe (Pride, self-belief, risk takers, feel valued and respected)

  • Through our curriculum pupils are given opportunity to perform both what they have learnt and their own personal compositions. Children are encouraged to create music with a free and exploratory approach, creating a sense of freedom and enjoyment. Allowing them to be proud of the work they produce.
  • Children understand how music can raise self-esteem and evoke both positive emotions. 
  • Children express their own opinions and beliefs when appraising the work of others and evaluating their own compositions.
  • Children’s compositions are valued and celebrated both within the class and during assemblies.
  • Children learn the glockenspiel in Music lessons from year 1-6, building up resilience and perseverance when learning an instrument.
  • All children given performance opportunities throughout the year with year 5 and 6 performing their production on stage at the local high school, given chance to experience lighting, sound and audience.

Achieve (responsible, resilient, feel success memorable learning, embrace challenge, lifelong learners)

  • Each pupil at Westwood is given opportunity to learn an instrument with a peripatetic teacher. All children in KS2 receive ukulele or guitar lessons and children in EYFS and KS1 receive singing lessons.
  • Children across the school taught how to compose their own music, increasing in challenge further up the school, building on previous skills.
  • Children have high aspirations when learning an instrument.
  • Children leave Westwood with a passion for music and are not afraid to share their opinion. They are aware of the musical options available to them and how they can further their skills.
  • Children leave as confident performers and are not afraid to showcase their musical ability.