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Training on real life, practical and hands on writing

As a way to encourage the use of outdoor, real life and hands on learning within writing, a staff meeting was held demonstrating how this method can be achieved. All the teachers went onto the field and saw a mysterious sight: an outline of a longboat, various weapons, remains of a warrior, messages in runes and an old diary. They had to crack the codes and work out the clues to discover what the site was. It was in fact the archaeological discovery at Sutton Hoo, which is one of the most important ever discoveries of Anglo-Saxon artefacts. Back in the classroom, the teachers discussed where this engaging hook could be taken next within a lesson and thought of ways they could use similar approaches (outdoor, real life and hands on learning) within their next adventures.


The same lesson was used later in the week with Willow class (whose adventure was all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings). They too had to try and crack the codes just like the teachers. The children excelled themselves! They were intrigued, asked many interesting questions and worked out what all of the clues told them.