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Reading Intent


It has always been our aim at Westwood to create a love for Reading and understand that is not just a subject, but a life of opportunities. From beginning our school, we prepare our children in every way to become a passionate reader and allow them to understand why it is such a valuable skill to have. As well as provide our children with engaging, challenging and inspirational Reading lessons throughout their time at Westwood, we also see Reading as a much wider picture across our curriculum. Whether it is finding out geographical facts about volcanoes or looking at a timeline of historians, we appreciate how Reading is so influential within every subject. We also see Reading as something which should always be celebrated and therefore hold regular themed days such as an annual Roald Dahl Day and World Book Day. School trips, assemblies, whole-class reading, a set library system and a ‘Little Free Library’ are some other examples of how we know our children are getting every opportunity possible to become an amazing reader. Children do not just leave Westwood in Year 6 as knowledgeable readers, but see Reading as something pleasurable and valuable in their lives, which we know will always have a positive impact for every child moving forward.