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Today you're continuing your work with bar graphs! Instead of drawing bar graphs today you will be using bar graphs that have already been drawn to answer questions!


GP: Use the bar graph to answer the questions below.


Workbook sheets: Use the bar graphs to answer the questions. Take your time when looking at the scale, double check it each time!


Complete the 6x table sheet again and try beat your previous time from earlier in the week!


Today in Guided Reading you will be answering questions that use your inference skills! 

This week you have used your inference skills to:


-Make statements about how Vulgar feels at the different parts in the chapter and used to a picture to make a range of different statements using clues!


Today's task: Answer the questions in full sentences using clues from the text! Justify your answers as much as you can.


At the beginning of our adventure, we wrote a letter to STAR Academy in New York, telling them all about life within our school! STAR Academy have sent us a letter back all the way from North America! In today's live lesson, we will read the letter together. 


Today's task: 


Write a short letter to STAR Academy informing them on everything you have learnt about North America in this adventure!

 Make sure you also include:


-Your favourite thing about North America.

-Where you would like to visit.

-Advise the children from STAR Academy where they should visit if they come to the U.K.