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Today in Maths we will be reading amounts bigger than 1l therefore for each question,  you need to work out how many litres there and how many millilitres. Complete the GP and workbook sheet.


This week we are practising the three times table! The challenge today is to watch the video and sing along, watch it five times and see if you can remember the words without even looking at the screen! You can even send a video to the class email of you singing the song!

3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Subscribe and watch new videos.★ YouTube Channel is fun with The Reggae Beatz 3 times...


In Guided Reading this week we are reading 'Kid normal'. Our skill focus this week is 'connect', this is where we constantly relate and make links from the text to our selves, other texts and the wider world. The three main parts of 'Connect'-





Today's activity is focusing on 'text-to-self' how do we connect this text to ourselves? Do the characters remind you of anyone in your life? The setting? How the characters are feeling? It could be anything that connects to your life. Make three 'Text-to-self' connections on the sheet. Make sure you give detail when you explain your connection. 


In the live input today we are making American pancakes! Following this, we will be writing instructions on how to make them. Today's task is to firstly make your own American pancakes (if you can). Then, very carefully record every single step you took to make them. 


Make sure you take lots of pictures and send them to our class email:


Underneath there is a sheet you can record the steps you took in chronological order.


Practice forming the wave letter 'g'.


Still image for this video