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Monday 11th January 2021

Monday 11th January 

Good morning and welcome to another week of remote learning! I'm sure we're all going to do as fantastic as we did last week once again, and I'm very excited that this week we'll be able to have a celebration assembly on Friday afternoon to celebrate all of your children's great work - parents, please see the bottom of this email as I need your help for an element of the assembly!


Guided Reading (10.30am)

Today, we're going to finish reading 'Voices in the park' ready to start our new text tomorrow. Today, I'll read voice 4 to you on the live lesson, and it's also below as well. Then, we'll be thinking about inference and retrieval - we've focused lots on inference this week but another important skill is retrieving what is actually there and not having to use any clues to infer. During the live input, I'll demonstrate how children will do this and then I'd like them to have a go at the questions on the attached sheet. Black questions are retrieval and red questions are inference. Can they write the exact line they got from the text to back them up with that thought?


Adventure (anytime)

This week, we are moving on in our adventure to think about Yellowstone National Park. I've attached a document below with lots of links to different websites. For the adventure lesson today, I'd like you to use the template below to guide your research and I'd like you to do some research about Yellowstone. I'd like to know:

- Where it is

- How it was formed

- Why is it a national park?

- What animals live there?

- Any other interesting information


This work will help you with your writing for this week...


Writing (1pm)

This week in writing, we are going to link in our work with Yellowstone and we're going to create a leaflet to persuade people to visit Yellowstone. Today, I'd like you to have a look at the leaflets I've attached. These are all persuasive leaflets to persuade people to visit places around Yorkshire. In the live input, I'll demonstrate the task with one of the leaflets I choose. Then, on the attached sheet, you need to look at each leaflet and decide if it has that feature. If it does, give it a little tick and write it down - for example if it does have a catchy subheading, write the subheading down in the box. Then, based on what you find in the leaflets, can you create a list of brilliant features? I've done one below based on the Skipton Castle leaflet to show you what I mean. We will then use this as a bit of a checklist when we write our leaflets later this week! 


Maths (9.15am)

My group today will be continuing our work with number patterns but we're making it a little bit tricker today. (this is our last day on number patterns). Today, we're going to think about the work we did on Friday with 1, 10 and 100 more and then we're going to use this knowledge to help us work out the patterns. I'll demonstrate this in the live lesson and then I've attached the pages from the workbook below.




As part of the assembly, I would like to do a ‘shoutout’ section where parents send in things that their child has done during the week which has impressed them. 


If you would like a ‘shoutout’ for your child, please email it to this address by 2pm on a Friday so I can do it in the assembly! 


It could be anything, for example they’ve helped you with making lunch, they’ve had issues with technology but they’ve been really resilient and powered through, they’ve helped a sibling with their work, they helped you clean their bedroom – it’s the little things that they’re doing on top of everything I’m setting which have impressed you which I want to hear about!


If you’re in the room whilst a live lesson is happening too and you hear another child making great contributions or being amazing, you could email me that too and give them a shoutout! 


Every child who gets a shoutout will get a virtual certificate sent to them on a Friday afternoon – and there’s no limits on shoutouts! Send me as many as you are proud of!

Voice 4

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Maths - counting in 5s

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