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Fri 26th Feb


We are going to practice some more subtraction with fractions as I feel that some people may have struggled with yesterday's lesson. Don't forget, whenever we find the difference we always subtract and your denominators are not changing. We will have visual aids for this lesson such as, bar models to help us see the fractions. During the live lesson, we will discuss how to make a whole number into a fraction in order to subtract from it. You will then go away and complete the guided practice and workbook independently.


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Guided reading:

Now that we have read chapter 1, I have put some comprehension questions together to make sure that we have understood the text. Don't forget, some comprehension questions can be retrieved from the text and some your need to think about yourself. Questions that ask for your opinion can be influenced by the chapter but the answer won't be in there. I would like you to answer the questions in full sentences.


Today, we will be finishing off our invitation. In the final paragraph, you need to ensure that the person receiving the letter undoubtedly wants to go to the chocolate factory. You need to make the opportunity sound once in a lifetime and then ask them to respond to the invitation and let you know if they will be coming. As this is a formal letter, you should end the letter with 'Yours sincerely/faithfully Mr Willy Wonka'. Remember, you are writing as if you are Willy Wonka.



Firstly, there is an interactive quiz for you to have a go at- this will stop accepting responses at 3pm next Friday and we will then have the scores to send to you. The link to the quiz is on the Word Document. Then, have a go at finding a plant in your garden or near your house when you are out and about and have a go at labelling it. There is also a lesson attached from Oak National Academy that you can try too.

Celebration assembly!

Star of the week- Miss Robertshaw will choose the person who has been trying extra hard all week and has stood out for their outstanding work and attitude in all areas.

The Bug Club Award- this goes to the person who has been reading on bug club and is clearly trying their best with the questions.

Good work- 4 people have the opportunity to get good work as their will be someone chosen for each subject.