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Adventure 5- Egyptian Explorers

In History we found out how long ago Ancient Egyptian times were and the difference between primary and secondary sources which lead onto our archaeological dig. We found lot of different artefacts that linked to Ancient Egypt.

We then located Egypt on a map in Geography and found that it is in the continent, Africa so it must be very hot!

Our adventure is based on the story ‘Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery’. Flat Stanley received a letter from Sir Abu Shenti Hawara the Fourth so we replied.

We learnt even more about Ancient Egypt and found out how they communicated during that time. They used something called hieroglyphics and they were found on the walls of pyramids. We decoded and learnt how to spell our names in these strange images.

Through our Geography skills, we saw that there was a river that ran all the way through Egypt called The River Nile. We learnt more about this river and found that they flooded it in the summer to grow crops and during the spring, there were sand storms.

We then noticed some strange buildings that didn’t look like buildings in England. They are called pyramids and they have tombs inside for the Pharaohs to go to the afterlife.

We went inside a real-life tomb and saw the hieroglyphics on the wall, a sarcophagus and the eerie corridors of the pyramid. From this experience, we decided to write a setting description.

Our virtual trip with Leeds City Museum really opened our eyes to the lives of the Ancient Egyptians. It was shocking to see a real-life mummy on our screen!

From this, we wanted to learn more about Pharaohs and their importance. They were seen as Kings and ruled Egypt during their time or reign.

God’s were also really important to the Egyptians as they worshipped so many. They all had a different meaning so we chose our favourite.

Also, seeing a real-life mummy made us want to find out more about this. We learnt how they Ancient Egyptians were mummified, where their organs were put and how their brain was removed. It’s disgusting!

We also mummified an apple to see how it preserves it.

The pyramids were huge and the bricks they used to build them weighed a ton so there must have been a way they made them without machinery. We created a pulley and lever in D.T to see how the Egyptians did it.

After learning all there is to know about Ancient Egypt, we wrote a non-chronological report about this time in History.