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Summer 2: The Great Barn Disaster

Anika Noni Rose - Almost There (From "The Princess and the Frog")

There ain't nothin' gonna stop me now 'cause I'ma almost there 🎶. Sing-along to "Almost There" with Anika Noni Rose and stream The Princess and The Frog on ...

Today in Art we were exploring the work of David Sproxton and Peter Lord; the creators of Aardman. The children made a timeline of their films before watching how they create the incredible clay creators from their favourite films such as Chicken Run, Shaun the Sheep and Flushed Away.

The children have been researching Walt Disney in preparation for writing their non fiction reports. They used iPads and creating a mind map to document their research.

The children had a go at moulding their own Morph! They learnt different moulding techniques such as pinching, squashing, rolling and pressing. Have a look at our wonderful creations below! 


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In Music today, we learnt how to play a simple rhythm on a glockenspiel. The children had to learn the four notes they needed to play, and even composed their own rhythms changing the note combination.


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We decided it would be a good idea to turn the old, abandoned barn into a rollercoaster for visitors to enjoy. This week we will be creating an advert to persuade people to visit.


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In our Mindmate lesson we learnt about the importance of learning how to work in a team, and what challenges come from working in a team. The children had the challenge of designing and building a free-standing tower in teams. They had to talk to each other, listen and ensure everyone was contributing.

We have been learning all about common birds in the UK. The children researched these birds and will be using their information to write a bird factfile so we can be greater informed as to what to do with the barn so the wildlife stays safe.


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The children have been quizzing each other on the human features of Leeds through our partner game.

Today we went for a trip to the Farm. We saw lots if different farm animals and had a lovely day. This is going to be the hook for our recount this week.