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Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains


When we arrived back at school, we received a letter from the zoo explaining there has been a terrible mix up! They were wanting release 5 different animals back to their mountainous habitats but they sent them to the wrong place. Our mission is to collect the animals and take them to the correct mountains. Poor Glen the Golden Eagle didn’t even make it to his mountain. We’ll need to find out where he belongs. We have 5 options of the mountains, we’ll need to look at the facts of these mountains to help Glen decide where he needs to be. We start by locating these mountains on a map so we know which continents and countries we’ll be heading to.



After arriving in Scotland on Ben Nevis, we returned Glen the Golden Eagle. We found out lots of information about the mountain and wrote down some facts on a postcard, along with a drawing of Ben Nevis.

We then imagined that we were a golden eagle flying over Ben Nevis and the other mountains, looking down on the land below. We wrote a setting description from a birds eye point of view.

Whilst in Scotland, we realised this is where the source for Highland Spring Water is! We learnt all about the Water Cycle and how water ends up in a bottle!

After trying our very own bottle of Highland Spring Water, we wrote an advert to tell people how nice it is and why it should be the water of choice!

Before leaving Ben Nevis, we noticed Halvar the Honeybadger had been taken to the wrong place, so we had to work out where she had come from! We worked out that her natural habitat was Mount Kilimanjaro, so we travelled to Tanzania in order to return her. We created another postcard full of facts about the mountain.

We then spent time looking at the different features of a mountain and their meanings.

Whilst returning Halvar the honey badger, we researched honey badgers to find out some information about them We realised that they aren't as nice as their name suggests!

We then imagined that we were Halvar and wrote a character description about ourselves in order to introduce ourselves to the other animals living there.

Whilst in Tanzania, we looked at a local tribe called the Massai tribe. We created a brainstorm of all the information we had found out.

From all of the information we had found out about Kilimanjaro, we wrote our own non-fiction report to tell others.

Whilst on Kilimanjaro, we noticed that Sreva the snowleopard was in the wrong place! We therefore travelled to Mount Everest in order to return Sreva to their rightful habiat. We again created a postcard to highlight key facts.

We then headed to Middleton Park where we imagined that were embarking on a climb up Mount Everest! We worked in groups where we led each other up the mountain, acting as guides. One of us was blindfolded to experience what the poor visibility would have been like and how we needed to rely on our other group members.

After imagining we had climbed Mount Everest, we wrote a diary entry about our experience!

We looked into the different types of footwear that climbers have to wear. We noted down the positives and negatives of each different shoe.

We then designed our own footwear, making sure they were suitable different terrains and climates.

We then arrived on Mount Fuji to return Sachi the Sarrow to her natural habitat.

After seeing lots of places of worship on Mount Fuji, we looked into these and their locations.

We then looked at Christian pilgrimages and the places that are special to them.

We imagined that we were on a pilgrimage along Mount Fuji. We wrote a letter home, telling everyone about what we had seen and where we were planning on going.

Whilst in Japan visiting Mount Fuji, we thought about the different foods that would be eating there. We visited Wagamamas and tried lots of different food and drink. We loved it!

We also created our own cherry blossom art work using an ink blowing technique and paint. They looked fab!

We then had to travel to Table Mountain in South Africa in order to return Daisy the Dassie. We created our own postcard with lots of facts.

We looked at all of the different reasons why people should visit Table Mountain. We wrote a persuasive leaflet to try and encourage more visitors.

After visiting lots of different mountains, we looked at how these different mountains are formed.

We then decided to create our own mountains out of junk modelling and paper mache. They looked fab!

We then wrote our own non-chronological reports, explaining how different mountains are formed.

We then investigated different types of rocks, identifying whether they are natural or man-made.

We then looked at how natural rocks are formed.

We then completed an experiment to test the properties of different rocks.