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Tuesday 12th January

This is the last day of looking at pictograms. Read the information carefully and answer the questions.

'Why' Questions

1. Tilda wants a friend. Why?

2. Why did the teacher write a note for Jim Lad?

3. Why did Jim Lad say 'we won't be ere long'?

4. Why did Tilda say 'You smell OK' to Jim Lad?

5. Explain why the postman's bag sank.

6. Why did Miss Plumb have a fright?

7. Explain why the ducks in the park were scared.

8. Explain why Nugget cannot fire a cannon yet.


Near the Whomping Wood live some Native Islanders. They have come to see what all the noise is about! The Native Islanders are dressed in amazing clothing we have never seen before. We decide to describe their outfits to the other explorers on the island so that they can find these helpful people too.


We are going to imagine that they are a puzzle (see below). We must talk about each part of their outfit on each puzzle piece. 


Our special word today is 'that'.


We use 'that's our sentences to give more information and connect ideas.

e.g. On their heads they have a hat made of feathers that is fluffy.

       They have red face paint that covers their foreheads and cheeks.



Medicines and Me

The fruit growing on the Whomping Willow trees in the Whomping Wood we have never seen before, we do not know anything about them or what they might do to us if we eat them. Should we eat them anyway? Have a go at the activity below thinking about what we put in our bodies and when.

Look at the medicines below. Can you put them under the correct heading to show what type of medicine they are?


How are these medicines used?

Now think of a time you needed to take a medicine. It could have been when you were poorly or a medicine you take to stay well (inhaler). Have a go at the task below.