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The children learnt about winter and how the world changes during this time. We had a go at lots of creative tasks such as winter string paintings and snowmen feet scenes.

Blue Paint Mixing


The children were exploring how they could make arange of different shades of blue. The children learnt how to add white to the blue paint to make it darker and black to the blue paint to make a darker shade of blue. The children then painted a picture using the new shades of blue that they had created.

Glitter Drips


The children loved talking about winter and the snow, ice and icicles that they see in the outdoor environment during the  winter. We looked at many photographs of winter scenes and talked about what we could see. We then explored making glitter drip artwork using a mixture of paint and glue that was then dripped on to a piece of plastic. the final step was to add glitter to the paint mixture to create a winter icicle inspired piece of art.

Snowmen Feet


The children made their own snowmen paintings. They painted their feet white and left a footprint on the page. The children then painted snow falling from the sky and on the ground. The children also added extra details including eyes, buttons, a hat and a scarf. The results were amazing!