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River Rescue

Welcome back Rowan class for the new half term! Our adventure this time is River Rescue. We will be looking at all the different features of a river and the problems that are happening around the world involving pollution. 
First, the children looked at Sir David Attenborough and the work he has done over the years to raise awareness of pollution and the dangers they have on our environment. We looked at lots of different facts about him and put them in order to get a timeline of his life. 
The children took part in a Burn2Learn to identify famous rivers around the world. Once they matched the picture to the river names, the children then looked at each river individually and in more depth. We looked at the length and width of the rivers, countries they flowed through and any other interesting facts.
Next, we looked at the structure of rivers. The children went on a treasure hunt around the playground to find different pictures, names and explanations about different parts of rivers. When they got back to the classroom, they had to match all these together.
Now the children know the different parts of a river, they had a go at creating a river of their own out of natural objects in the playground. They used items such as stones, twigs and grass to put this together, as well as labelling the different river parts. The children were very creative with the activity and loved working as a team to create their river.
After learning about all the different features of a river, the children then wrote a non-chronological report on how a river works including pictures.
Rowan class then looked at all the different types of pollution included air, noise and radiation etc. They completed a Burn2Learn activity to match up the picture with the type of pollution and the description.  
Afterwards the children looked at the causes of pollution. 
The children wrote a setting description of a picture of a water wheel including brackets.
In science the children made their own water wheel from cardboard and plastic cups. Then they tested the water wheels, dropping water from different heights and evaluated their experiments.  
For art the children created a collage of a river showing the different features.
After all the research and work we did about rivers and pollution the children wrote a letter back to Sir David Attenborough explaining all the things we had done to help with our pollution issue.