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Class 5/6P

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12th June 2018                                           Road Safety Training


Leeds City Council visited us to train us to cross roads safely.  After a safety talk,  we had some training out on the roads around the estate.  We learnt about hazzards we needed to look out for and how to use the Green Cross Code to keep oursselves safe.

Our new adventure has begun: A Journey Through The Decades.
Our adventure began when Mr Cockcroft found a time capsule on the school field.  Inside there were lots of different itemms that had been added throught the decades Westwood had been open.  We started by organising all the items into different decades.
From the 1960's we learnt about the moon landings.  First we completed a Burn 2 Learn to learn the main facts.  In the 1960's, the children had put in an article about the moon landings and an England football shirt.
Then we explained the main events of the moon landings and drew pictures to show them. 
Children  in the 1970s added a Barbie and Ken doll as well as a miner's clocking-in card.  We looked at old maps of Middleton to see where the coal mines had been.  We imagineered we were in a mine and looked at some of the equipment used for mining.
After describing the pros and cons of the different types of lighting that have been nused down mines over the years we wrote a diary extact describing a child's day at work in the mine.
We also used Ted Holloway's artwork as inspiration for our own drawings and used empathy to describe what was being thought while the miners were hard at work.

Then we moved on to the 1980's!  We learnt all about Margaret Thatcher and we completed a Burn 2 Learn to find out some key facts about her.  After, we filled in a factfile  and tried out some pop art;  Liam's was amazing!

In the 1990's we learnt about Nelson Mandela.  Using another Burn 2 Learn we collected facts to make a timeline of his life.
The 2000's started with us ordering tecnology and adding the correct dates to the objects - sounds easy? It wasn't!

After reading Gino's letter, we did as he suggested and completed a Burn 2 Learn to learn some key facts about Italy which we then presented in a fact file.

As we had learnt Gino's hotel had been damaged by an earthquake, we thought we should learn how earthquakes happen.During a Burn 2 Learn we found lots of pieces of information we needed to put together a factfile about earthquakes.  We found out that earthquakes are the result of the movement of the earth's tectonic plates so we drew them on a map.  Next we wrote a explanation on earthquakes and how to prepare for them.
Gino then explained to us that many of the locals get annoyed when tourists cant speak Italian so we learnt some key Italian words - we had to match the English to the Italian - then we wrote some short Italian conversations with a partner.
After, we learnt that Gino is famous for his food so we tasted some Italian food and wrote our opinions of them.  With all our fantastic knowledge of Italian food we just had to have a go at making our own pizza bases and designing our own delicious toppings!  We even wrote out our own instructions for making them..... 

First we wrote the instructions then it was our turn to do the cooking and make the pizzas....

Before we moved on to learning about Pompeii, we thought we'd look at some other famous Italian buildings; we completed a Burn 2 Learn where we had to match up pieces of six different landmarks. Using different materials we drew our own pictures of the landmarks.
Then it was time to learn about Pompeii!  We completed a Burn 2 Learn to match up the different parts of a volcano and learnt what happens durring an eruption.  We even had a go at making a volcano ourselves!
Before we could help Gino with his hotel, we thought it would be useful if we went to visit a hotel in our town.  On Friday 4th May we were shown around the Village Hotel and were allowed to ask lots of questions so we had the best facts available to help Gino.
We then imagined what it would have been like to have been in Pompeii the day Mount Versuvius errupted.  First we gathered some ideas about the feelings, setting, atmosphere and actions experienced that day.  After we wrote an eye witness account using all the ideas we had gathered.
Next we wrote about what Pompeii is like now.....

February 19th 2018

Our new adventure has started.......

After landing in Rio de Janeiro, we said farewell to Barnaby and set off to explore. During a Burn 2 Learn session we gathered lots of facts about Brazil and some of it's cities.  We soon found ourselves in the middle of a protest; a new Rio was being built but the rainforest was being destroyed to provide space for the much needed homes.  We wrote an eye witness account of the protest.
We then met a young boy called Ricardo, who lives in a favela, and learnt about his life there.  Clues were hidden around the classroom which helped us discover whereabouts in Rio he lived and what his home was like. 

Making our own favelas

Imagining we were Ricardo, we wrote a diary about a day in his life.
Whilst exploring Rio, we noticed lots of religious symbols. The main religion there is Christianity and we wrote leaflets explaining the different symbols and their meanings.
We learnt that the government were planning to build a new Rio and start a new football team so we designed and then made new football badges for them.  After, we wrote a letter persuading the team to choose our badge.
Using black paper and oil pastels, we created pictures of Rio's famous statue which is a major tourist attraction.
We had learnt that Rio is famous for it's carnivals and music - we made our own music using samba rhythms, percussion instruments and boom whackers....
After learning all about Rio and why building a new city would be good, we started learning about the rainforest. First we learnt about the physical geographical features and all the different ways that the rainforest can help us.  After looking at the different types of plants and animals in the rainforest  it was time to decide; did we want to build a new Rio or save the rainforest?  We wrote an argument outlining our personal thoughts......
As the end of our adventure drew near we invited in our parents to join in a vote - save the rainforest or build a new Rio - it was also a great chance to show off the work we had been doing.  After hearing our written arguments for both sides it was agreed that we should save the rainforest - well done everyone!

Our Rainforest V Rio debate readers

Parents joined us for the final vote - Who will win?

On Tuesday 30th January, some of our year 5 children had the opportunity to visit the Inner South Leeds Summit taster sessions at Elland Road.  It was a great day and all the children loved taking part in all the activites.  While they were there they also helped make some very important descions how money for children in Leeds would be spent in the coming years.

Our adventure for this half term

Our first adventure of the new year started with a BANG when a hot air balloon crashed down on the playground! The balloon's pilot, Barnaby Myles, needs our help to repair his craft. He is making a documentary about his journey around the world but, without our help, he will not be able to achieve his dream!




Check the map below to see where in the world we are and where we have been:


Click on the links at the bottom of this page for all the information on our other adventures: Mysterious Mayan Mystery; and a Wartime Tale.

Tuesday 2nd  January 2018


We made a discovery on the Westwood Playground - a brightly coloured ballon was laying on the floor, twisted around a wicker basket.  Inside was a note from Barnaby Myles. Who was he?  Why is he here?  What is he doing?

To help Barnaby fix his balloon, we then decided to make some model hot air ballons to understand how they work.

We then tested and evaluated them and were able to come up with some ideas to hel Barnaby get going on his trip.

We thought the ballon landing was front page news so we wrote a newspaper report about it.
As we had helped Barnaby fix his ballon, he invited us to go with him on his tour.  First we had to learn some key map skills then we were off.  Our first stop was in Russia - St Basil's Cathedral.  We drew the catheedral and wrote setting descriptions!
We then flew off to the Himalayas, over the snow covered mountains and learnt all about the counties that surround them.  During a Burn 2 Learn we discovered many facts about the Himalayas.  Using the facts we wrote a Haiku poem about the Himalayas before visiting Nepal and learning about Buddhism. While there we drew a story board about the life of Buddah and wrote a report about Buddhism.

Burn 2 Learn- Facts about the Himalayas

From Nepal , we then flew to Tokyo for a brief stop where we learned how to make sushi. It was delicious!