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Special Days

Kings Coronation
We celebrated the coronation of King Charles the 3rd with a street party and some dancing in our classroom. We had food and yummy cake and celebrated the King being crowned. It is a huge moment in history and will be remembered forever. We came dressed in red white and blue too. 

Science fair

We had a brilliant time celebrating all things science at the Science fair this morning. The children loved going around all of the stalls, seeing what the rest of the school had been learning in their Science adventures. We particularly loved the exploding pots and the X-ray machine. It was so interesting to learn about the world around us. 

World book day 
We have had the best day celebrating world book day. The children all came dressed as their favourite book characters and enjoyed the story themed activities we had planned in Nursery surrounding the very hungry caterpillar. The adults came dressed as crayons from the crayons who quit and the children loved seeing them all dressed up. We love exploring stories in Nursery so this was a perfect day to celebrate. We hope you go and get a £1 book from a local supermarket! 

We had a great session with Five Star Sports.  Our nursery children listened really well, played some fun games and tried out some new skills. 

Road Safety

We welcomed our visitor Amber into nursery who had come to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe when out and about and near roads.  The children joined in, listened to a story and talked about what they knew.  We looked at different vehicles that could be on the road, and talked about the importance of wearing a helmet when on a bicycle.  We sang a song that reminds us to wear a seatbelt when in a car.  If we ride a  scooter , we said we must be on the pavement and then we noticed the characters,  Sunita and Sam were wearing something bright so that vehicle drivers can see them.   We know that if we are near a busy road we should stay close to a grown ups and hold their hand.   Our Nursery children did super listening and enjoyed joining in with the chat, story and song.  


Christmas Parties


Our children who come to nursery at the beginning of he week have had a fabulous afternoon at their Christmas party.   There was singing and dancing, we played musical statues, musical bumps and pass the parcel. The children were so good at waiting for their turn and being good sports  when they were out in the dancing games.  We pulled crackers with our friends, and had lots of party food.  We also had a visit from Santa who came to say hello and give us all a little present.  We want to wish all our families a happy  Christmas and wish everyone all the best for the new year. 



We had the best time watching The Great Christmas Robbery which was put on by a company who came in to put on a pantomime. Nursery sat so beautifully throughout the performance and loved being part of the school. They laughed at the jokes and joined in with the singing. It was lots of fun!

We have had a brilliant time working towards the history mark and holding our own history day. Each year group has set up a stall in the hall for parents to come and have a look at so they can show off their work so far this year. Our stall is all about our history, so then and now. We have got photos of us playing with old artefact and some pictures of the teachers as babies and then now. We have enjoyed having a go at guessing who is who!