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Autumn 1

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Everybody and Me


This week has seen the start of our wonderful adventure 'Everybody and Me'. After a fantastic couple of weeks settling in the children were surprised to find that a little alien called Aren has crash landed onto our school field. The children went up to investigate the landing spot and see what had been lost out of his spaceship. They were ever so excited to find a sleeping bag , some alien slime, a pair of shorts and T shirt and even an alien poo. We also read the book 'Fins Fluff and other stuff.' We will be exploring similarities and diffences between our friends and family and helping Aren complete challenges so he can get one step closer to getting back to his planet.

We are encouraging the children to explore who they are, what they look like and where we live. We have drawn our own aliens, making paper plate spaceships and even decorated our own planets. Some of us have also enjoyed playing in the alien slime in the water tray and decorating a friend for Aren the alien. 


This week we have also been exploring the number 2 and discovered Aren had lost all his socks in the crash landing. We have been trying to pair them up so he can wear them again, understanding the concept that two things that can be a matching pair. We have also explored the numeral 2 in the environment and are continuing to explore 2 as a quantity and all the different ways 2 can be made. 

Weeks 1 and 2

Birch class have had a fantastic start to the Autumn term and have been settling in and getting to know each other over the last week. This week we have been investigating the Number 1 in a variety of ways, exploring the outdoor area, picking blackberries from our lovely mountain of brambles over the fence and cooking in the home corner. We had music with Mr Wears and sang a song about our bodies and also learnt how to sing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes.' 


Next week we are looking forward to beginning our adventure with a visit to the woods and starting to learn all about ourselves and the people around us. We will also be moving forward to investigating the number 2. 

We look forward to telling our adults all about it. We will also be beginning phonics soon so look out for the green book in our book bags which can help us practise our sounds.