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Spring 2

This term we are exploring the wonderful world of Castles, Knights and Dragons. Our adventure takes us on a whirlwind trip to explore a series of stories including the fantastic 'thats not my dragon' series. This week we have been settling back into school and have also found time to collage a dragon. This children have been reading the 'Thats not my books and feeling the different textures of the material in the books.' They have been thinking of describing words 'adjectives' and linking them to the materials in the stories. 


On the first day back we took some time to talk about our worries, wrote them down and put them into a balloon. We then released our worries into the sky and let go of them all. This chidlren really enjoyed this activity and hopefully they have learned that if they share their worries then they will be able to let go of them. 

Week 4

The children have had a wonderful first week back enjoying each others company. We have been exploring the lovely baby books 'That's not my dragon and That's not my unicorn.' The children have been exploring different textures and words to describe those textures. They have even made their own Dragons. Have a look at our wonderful work! The children have also been decoding the sentences in the baby books and reading them to each other using the 'th' sound. 

We also did drawings of ourselves and our mothers for mothers day in a special photo frame.

3D shape

This week we have been investigating 3D shape and the properties of 3D shape. We have looked at pattern making and what objects in our environment could represent these shapes. We have also been looking at number bonds to 5 and then to 10. We used 3D shapes to make prints and investigated what shapes their faces were. 


Having fun with friends in the play dough area

Olivier has been investigating size and shape with Theo in the play dough area. He made a wiggly worm and experimented with the length of his play dough creations. 

Meanwhile Aubree has been enjoying making everybody cakes and putting them in the oven this week. 

We've started the week by listening to a story called 'vegetable glue'. We discussed how important it is to eat vegetables to keep healthy. 


Preparing our Garden

We then went out into the garden and helped prepare the growing beds.We had to remove all the weeds and overgrown grass. When the beds are clear we will add top soil and compost and start growing our own vegetable patch.

Comparing heights

We compared heights of plants and used vocabulary related to height such as tallest and shortest, taller and shorter. 

We stuck beanstalk pictures in order or height. 

Exploring weight

Weve enjoyed exploring weight and investigating what happens to balancing scales when we put various different objects in the buckets. We were very inquisitive and tried to make the balancing scales balance.