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Adventure 4 - The Day the Crayons Quit

Our adventure this term is 'The day the crayons quit'. It all started when we came back after half term to find all of our crayons angry with us! We first met the Red Crayon and he was not very happy... We need to get all the crayons back to being happy again.

We came into school and all our crayons had quit! They wrote us a letter to tell us they had had enough and didn’t want to work anymore! 

Because we had so many crayons quit, We decided we needed to get them back. We designed and made them a nice new place to live. We learnt how to sew and designed a pencil case for our crayons to live in. Then our parents came in to help us with our final piece. 

Look at our amazing pencil cases! We tried so hard. 

We had world book day and we all dressed in our favourite book characters. Here are some of our outfits. 

Mr Hayes has set us challenges to find different parts of the world on a globe. Here is us looking for Canada.

In art we have been learning about Yayoi Kusama. She is a famous artist who works using polka dots. We have been copying her style and looking at motif. 

We had Miss Cunningham come and teach us music! We had so much fun! We learnt rhythm and beat. 

I’m art we mixed together tertiary colours! We had so much fun! 

In history we learnt about Ibn Butata and all the places he travelled. We looked at a map and located some of the countries. 

Here is some pictures of our class exploring the science fair. We had so much fun. 

In RHSE, we looked at feelings and how they might look on the outside and inside. Here are us showing some emotions on the outside 

Our crayons were getting tired and very stubby. We decided to make a rainbow crayon and write some instructions on how to make it. Here is what we did to make it.

In RE, we looked at Daniel and the lions and acted it out!