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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we hold a celebration assembly to celebrate the successes of our classes and their hard work throughout the week. A child will be chosen as star of the week based on their effort and achievement. We also celebrate ‘Good Work‘ any ‘British Values’. The children have 5 cards they can collect for British Values. 


Star of the Week


Summer 1


Week 1 - Alfie 

Week 2 -  Rosie


Week 3 - Hollie


Week 4 - Jayden


Week 5 - Esperance  


Week 6 - Tyler L


Summer 2


Week 1 - Aubree


Week 2 -


Week 3 - 


Week 4 -


Week 5 - 


Week 6 -