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Bubble Closure - 19th July

Hi Chestnut! Unfortunately our bubble has had to close for the final week of school and I won't get to see any of you in person again! But I know we will still have the best final week over teams and I'll make sure we still have just as much fun!


Below is the timetable of our live lessons for the week, Wednesday and Friday will be a little different because these would have been our sports day and final day in year 2 so we will be making sure these are as special as possible!


9:30Guided Reading


If you have any questions about anything feel free to email me, I would also love to see all your work that you do so make sure you send it to

The resources for each lesson will be attached below, I look forward to seeing you all on our live lessons for our final week in year 2!


Monday 19th July


Guided Reading - 9:30 

Today you need to come up with your own questions about the story which you may have thought about throughout. For example when are the children birthdays, what are the mum and dad called, where about in the countryside is the cottage or even how many people live in the tree or how do they get a house in a tree?


Write as many questions as you can of what has come to your head whilst reading the text. It would be fascinating to see your imagination through your questions.


If you are in phonics, here is an activity you can do to practice our common exception words! Either write on paper or print this to write them correctly on handwriting lines! Make sure you show me the difference between tall letters and short letters!


Just pick 2 pages to complete!


Maths - 10:30

Can you go around your house and compare different objects in your home. If you have a ruler use that and see how many times the ruler fits into things like a fridge, the floor, a rug or even your dog or cat! If you don't have a ruler don't worry use your hands! How many hands tall is your fridge, you could even use your feet, how many feet can you fit in the length of your bedroom?



Writing - 1:00

Now you should have found out what class you're going into next year, how exciting! So I thought we could write some questions for them for when you meet them on Wednesday!

You might want to ask them what adventures you might have next year, you might want to ask what football team they support, but make sure you all have a question you could ask onWednesday's live!



Tuesday 20th July


Guided Reading - 9:30

Today from what we have read so far in the story I would like you to sequence the events and represent this using photos. So draw pictures to show how the story develops. This might start with them on the train then a picture of the cottage, then the Faraway Tree and then the different people they meet.


I have attached an example of another story below to show you how to lay it out. I can't wait to see them!



Complete pages 1 and 3 - using common exception words in sentences and a word search.


Maths - 10:30

Today we are continuing with our measuring and I want you to compare the things in your house to outside. Find something outside that is 


- bigger than a spoon

- smaller than your hand

- the same size as your foot

- smaller than a toy

- bigger than a door



Writing - 1:00

Since you will be meeting your new teacher tomorrow, you should all know who you're with next year, you may have some worries as well as some things you're excited for! On the worksheet below I would like you to write or draw something you may be worried about in the cloud. Then write in the rainbow some things which you are excited for!



Wednesday 21st July


Now since today would have been our sports day, we will be creating our own on our live lessons!


Live 1 - 9:30

I will be talking about the different activities today during the first live. After the live lesson, your activity is to warm up to Joe Wicks which is attached below. Make sure you're ready for our next activities!

Try this warm up before we complete the rest of our sports day!


Live 2 - Meet your new teacher - 10:00

You should have all received an email inviting you to meet your new class teacher. There will be no live with me.


Live 3 - 1:00

Time for our races! If you have some adults or brothers or sisters with you, you can race them! If not, don't worry just time yourself and see if you can get faster each time! Why don't you write down your times to see if you can get faster. I have attached a template below for you to use if you would like!


Can you complete all three races?

- Running

- Hopping

- Jumping


Why not try and create an obstacle course and see how fast you can complete it! I would love to see some pictures of these so please send them over to our email - 

Race - Time             
1st attempt 
2nd attempt 
3rd attempt 


Second activity:

Now we practiced this one at school so you should all be professionals, but now it is time for the egg and spoon race! You can use a ball and a bat or a real egg and spoon but make sure you do this outside so no eggs get broken in the house!


Why don't you have a go at creating your own medal to wear with pride after all your hard work in the races!


To finish the sports day why don't you try this little cool down to help you relax from all the hard exercise you have done today! Great work chestnut!


Thursday 22nd July


Guided Reading - 9:30

We will be continuing with sequencing and your task is to draw a colour, symbol and image for the story. Now this is completely up to you what you choose and draw as long as you can reason it to the story.


An example below shows a different story but they have reasoned their choice with because. So you can't be wrong with your choices you just need to justify it. 



Complete pages 4 and 5.


Art - 10:30

Can you draw a picture of yourself in the middle of a piece of paper and colour it in, then around it I would like you to write all the things you are looking forward to next year and your interests so your new teachers know what you like and what you will enjoy doing so they can include that in their teaching!


Writing - 1:00

Your task today is to write a letter to your new teacher. You may want to ask them something you didn't get a chance to ask on transition day or you might want to tell them something they don't know about you. Below is a list of certain things you might want to include;


- favourite/ least favourite subject at school

- Something you're good/ not so good at that you need help with

- Who you work well with in school

- Things you're looking forward to

- things you may be a little worried about

- your favourite football team or sport

- favourite colour or hobbies


If you send me your letters to our chestnut email I will send them on to your new teachers!


Friday 23rd July - Our final day in year 2!! 


Since today would have been our last day and we would have been celebrating with games and treats, I thought we could do the same on our live lessons! On each live we will have a different activity or game with an optional follow up activity if you want to! Today is all about having fun and enjoying your last day in year 2!


Live 1 - 9:30


Live 2 - 10:30


Live 3 - 1:00



I just want to say a huge thankyou Chestnut for welcoming me with open arms! I have had the best term with you and we have had lots and lots of laughs. I won't forget a single one of you, you have all given me a term to remember and I'm so sad to be leaving without a proper in person goodbye! But I may be back one day to pop around and say hi in your new classes! Good luck to you all in year 3 you will absolutely smash it, I'm so so proud of you all, I hope to see you all soon!

- Miss Gravestock -