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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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A Giant World Adventure

In our adventure, we were shrunk down to the size of an insect! Now everything around us looked really different! We wrote a setting description to describe what we could see.

We created our own potion, deciding what it would do and what ingredients we would need to put in it!

For our potion, we had to gather some parts of a plant. We decided that we would need to invest different flowers and plants so that we wouldn't collect the wrong part!

Our Chicks!

We were lucky enough to have some eggs delivered to school. We waited patiently for them to begin hatching into baby chicks. We had to make sure we were really quiet so that we didn't scare them!

7 eggs hatched into our beautiful baby chicks. We gave each one of them a name!









On Friday, we were really sad to see them go! Don't worry though, they have been taken back to a fantastic farm where they will have lots of space to run around!

Our gardening afternoon!


Firstly I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you who managed to come to our gardening afternoon. It was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

We will be planting some more seeds and bulbs in our large tyre planters that were painted during the afternoon when the weather gets warmer. Keep a look out in the school allotment!