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Maths Learning

Week 3

The children found a big mess on the carpet this afternoon. Together we decided the best thing to do would be sort the items into groups and then put them back where they belong. The children were fantastic at grouping and sorting the items. After sorting them we could easily see that each group at 5 items. We put the objects back where they should be, as we know everything has its place in Ash Class.

Week 4

This week we put our sorting skills to the test. We had a selection of similar objects and not so similar objects. We challenged our friends to work out how the objects were grouped. Some were grouped by size, colour, shape, length and width.

Can you guess our rule?

Exploring heavy and light

This week the children have explored the concept of heavy and light, heavier and lighter. They've enjoyed exploring the weighing scales and using different weights to match the weight. They've also enjoyed feeling heavy and understanding what heavy really feels like. We used 7kg and 5kg medicine balls for the children to test their powers.

Week 6

This week we are introducing the children to the numeral 1. We are talking about what 1 represents and why 1 is such an important number in the number system. Without 1 no other numbers exist. We asked the question, is 1 lonely? If we look carefully is one not all around us?