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Upper KS2: Tremendous Tudors

In Upper Key Stage Two (Rowan, Sycamore and Willow), their new adventure began with a surprising email from a lady working at Temple Newsam in Leeds. In the email she spoke of a strange discovery they had made over the Christmas holidays: an incomplete family tree. On the family tree some of the children recognised King Henry VIII. In the email we were asked to help discover who the missing people could have been and inform them at Temple Newsam when we had found out. The adventure, Tremendous Tudors, had begun.

They then decided to delve further into the life of King Henry VIII as they thought this may give us more clues as to who the other people are. The children wrote a character description of Henry walking into a Tudor banquet. They imagineered being Henry and thought about how he would walk, what he might say and how he might act. Using this, and some work on expanded noun phrases, they wrote their character descriptions.

In Rowan, the children used inspiration from the jousting activity they did outside to write a report all about this form of Tudor entertainment. They focused on using modal verbs to use within their writing.

In Willow class, they learnt about many different aspects of Tudor life: what they wore, what they are, what they did for entertainment and the houses that they lived in. They complied all this work into a piece of writing: a non-chronological report about Tudor life.

After learning about Tudor fashion, in Sycamore they delved further into the accessories that the Tudors had. They first designed and made a Tudor-style purse. They embroidered the purse and attached a button to close it. After creating their purse, they evaluated the finished product.

Following this, they wrote a set of instructions for the purse. The children focused on using adverbials of time and place through a SPAG activity.

The children then wrote adverts for the house they painted. The children began this by writing a persuasive post-it using any key persuasive features they could remember. After recapping some of these features, the children tried to improve their original post it. The class also looked at using semi colons and colons to list important features.