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Stair sounds
(Resources: Sounds written on paper/chalks)
Write the sounds we have been learning in phonics onto pieces of paper and place one on each step. Can your child say the sound as they stand on each step? Can you take it in turns to say a sound and then stand on the step? You could even throw a ball at the different sounds and say the sound when the ball hits it!
If you don’t have steps you could set them out on the floor as stepping stones  or chalk them outside like this. 
Have fun!! 

Tulip flowers

(Resources: forks, paint, paper, tulips)

Have you seen some flowers starting to bloom when you go out for your daily walks? Can you have a go at painting your own flowers using paint and forks?

All you have to do is find some flowers, the adults in your house might have some in a vase that you could use. Then get some paint and some forks and choose your favourite colours. Then dip your fork into the paint and put it onto the paper. When your paint has dried, you could draw in the stems of the flowers using a green pencil crayon or felt tip.

Good luck, I would love to see them.