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Summer 2 - The Abominables

When Agatha is kidnapped by a gigantic hairy monster on a Himalayan mountain, she soon discovers that the yeti is clever and kind. She also realises that yetis are in danger and need her help. Agatha embarks on a daring and secret journey to get the yeti family to safety. But first, can she teach them some manners?

We began our new adventure by thinking about mountains and different climate zones. We completed a Burn2Learn in geography where we thought about the different biomes and what characteristics each of them had. We also spent lots of time discussing how mountains were formed and we had lots of interesting questions.

Con made the decision to sneak out of the hotel early one morning to go and see if he could track down the yeti footprints and find what was going on. We took a visit to Middleton Park for us to Imagineer climbing the mountain. We worked in pairs where one of the members of the group was Con, blindfolded and climbing up the mountain, and our partner was a sherpa, guiding Con up the mountain. We had to make sure we communicated very well and gave clear instructions. We then returned to school to write a diary entry about our experience. 

This week, we continued in our adventure and read on to find out Con, Agatha and the Yeti's plan - they're going to head back to England with Con to be safe. Con hid the yetis in the hotel and because they were sad to leave the mountain, we decided to create them a postcard in art. We began by learning about different line drawing skills and created mood boards to practice. We made the most of the fantastic weather and our beautiful Wellbeing walk in and did our art lesson outside with the guinea pigs!

On Thursday, we spent the day off timetable and had fun doing lots of different activities based on our Abominables adventure! We made paper mâché mountains with Mr Cooper, completed a mountain rescue obstacle course with Mr Hayes and researched mountains to make a fact file with Miss Robertshaw.


In music, we've been learning how to yodel!! See the video below for our progress so far... 


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Our finished postcards of Everest for the yetis to remember their time there look amazing! 

This week, we've been real authors and have had a go at writing a story!! We began by reading a little bit more of The Abominables before we stopped and the page had been ripped! It was our job to think what might happen next and write it! We did lots of Burn2Learn and Imagineering work thinking about the different parts of a story and how to make it really interesting for our reader.

We began with a Burn2Learn to build a story mountain!

With Mr Jennings, we’ve been learning Rocky Mountain! 

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In geography, we've been comparing the Himalayas to the Alps and thinking about the different climate zones in the countries and locating them in an atlas. 

In Guided Reading, we've been looking at Jacqueline Wilson's Cliffhanger. As part of our learning, we got active and did a Burn2Learn assault course on the field to try and recreate the assault course Tim and 'The Tigers' have to do in the story.

Bucket Racing

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