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Tuesday 23rd February

Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

Today, we're going to think about the skill of questioning from The Big 10. In the first 2 chapters, we have learnt a few things about Charlie's family and his life. But, Roald Dahl has also left us with some cliffhangers and wanting to know a little bit more. Today, we're going to think about what more we would want to know and if we could ask some characters some questions to get this information, we need to think about what we would say to them! I want you to think about what you already know from the text and therefore what question would you ask a character to find out more. For example: the text tells us that Charlie has a Grandpa called Joe. It doesn't really tell us much more about him yet though, so I might want to ask how old is Grandpa Joe? 

 World Book Day preparation 

Next week, we have been lucky enough to get the chance to meet 2 authors!! See below the document with some information about the event, and we also have the opportunity to ask them some questions. I have to submit these questions in advanced so please email me with any questions and I'll send them to the authors - deadline for this is Friday!

Adventure - anytime

We're going to carry on thinking about Scotland today. Follow the PowerPoint below which will give you some information about culture and life in Scotland - a little bit of an insight into some of their foods, traditions and celebrations. Then, choose another activity from the matrix which you were given yesterday. Make sure you choose something different and have a go at that one and send us what you do! The matrix is below.

Handwriting and spelling - anytime

Click below to go to the spelling and handwriting page to access today's lesson.

Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

We have received a message from Willy Wonka asking for his help. He needs our help to write his Golden Tickets which are going to go into chocolate bars and send all around the world for 5 lucky children to get to go and visit his factory. Below is the message we received from him and some examples of other invitations. Take a look at the invitation and see what you think of it. At the bottom of the invitation there is a list of key things which an invitation should include. Can you identify them all in the example below? You could highlight them if you can print the text off or if not you could just write out the key features on a sheet of paper. 


Then, I'd like you to write the important technical bits at the top of your invitation. We are going to set it out almost like a letter so we need to include the date and address on the top RIGHT hand side and then our dear line which is followed by a comma. There is an example of mine below - PLEASE DON'T COPY MINE, COME UP WITH YOUR OWN. 


How could you start your letter in an interesting way? Remember, YOU are writing as if YOU are Willy Wonka because we are trying to help him. You know a little bit about the man now - he is a bit wacky so how might he start a letter?

Maths - live on Teams at 9.15am

Today, we're going to look at the 5 times tables. In the live lesson, we'll look at different ways of representing them and how we can group items together to learn our 5 times tables quicker. Don't forget the daily tines table test - can you beat your time/score from yesterday?