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Spring 2



Week 6 - Easter Surprise

Each page in this book page has a sparkly Easter egg on to pull open and find a cute, springtime animal. We listened to and joined in with the rhyming words,  guessing which animal we will find inside.  

It will soon be Easter and we are all looking forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny.   The children have enjoyed exploring our Easter Tuff Tray,  we found lots of decorated eggs,  rabbits and chicks.   One of the chicks even tried

to run away from us! 


We loved decorating our bunnies,  we chose from a selection of fabric, tissue, buttons, bottle tops, string, coloured paper, straws, matchsticks, and what ever else we could find! We love that they are all so different.  

Egg Hunt

We went hunting for patterned eggs around our nursery garden and used clipboards to make marks to represent the number of eggs we found.  This was great fun,  and there was some great perseverance shown but some children , continuing for a long time until they had found all the eggs. 

We had some egg and spoon races. 

5 Little Chicks Rhyme.

The popular rhyme, 5 Little ducks has been changed and instead we sang about little chicks. As we sang, we counted how many chicks were left.  5,4,3,2,1, and then 0!

Mother hen said “cluck, cluck, cluck, clack, and 5 little chicks walking came back!” 


We made our own Easter cards using yellow paint and forks to make a pattern that looked like fur. We then stuck on googly eyes and a beak. When they had dried they wrote a message inside and their names. They looked fab and we hope all of the adults love them!

Week 5

Oliver's Vegetables

Painting with carrots

We used carrots to paint with, dipping the pointed end of the carrots into paint, we made some great marks.  Some children explored which marks they could make and some children had a go to make the letters in their name.

Repeating patterns.

We chose  pictures of two  different vegetables and then placed them so that they made  repeated patterns.   

e.g.  carrot, sweetcorn, carrot, sweetcorn, carrot, sweetcorn...

Heavy and Light 

Some of the vegetables were quite heavy and others were light.   “It’s heavy “  said Kaiden picking up the red cabbage.    Caleb told me “this is heavy” as he showed me the swede.  
The children used balances to explore the weight of the vegetables. 

Frozen peas

We explored a bag of frozen peas,  children talked about what they observed and what they were doing.

"They are wet"    "They are slippery"     "I got it full up, going to mix it and have pea soup"

Spring is here!

We have enjoyed some fabulous weather this week and have spent lots of time outside.   We used litter pickers to tidy up our nursery garden and watered the plants and the seeds that we had planted.  We love to paint the fences and took turns to use the brushes and shared the pots of water.  We even found a frog in the water in a tyre! 

We have been naming different fruits and vegetables. After saying what each one was called we sorted them with support into fruits and vegetables. 
We enjoyed chilling out and laying down on the climbing frame. We looked at the clouds and Hollie said 'I can see a goat.'
We talked about different types of potato from jacket potatoes to red potatoes and new potatoes. We discussed how they grow in the ground so they can be mucky and they can be made into so many different things from chips to mashed potato to crisps. Even into potato waffles!
We practised our cutting skills using different patterns. 

Week 4

Jasper's Beanstalk

We are enjoying the story of Jasper's Benastalk.  We like that Jasper does things on different days of the week.  The children are getting really good at saying which day come next!   

On Monday, Jasper found a bean.

On Tuesday, he planted it.

On Wednesday, he watered it.

On Thursday, he dug and raked and sprayed and hoed.

On Friday night, he collected slugs and snails.

On Saturday, he even mowed it!

On Sunday, Jasper waited and waited and waited...


We explored some different types of beans and when we had finished we sorted them into three dishes. 

We counted beans.  Can you put 3 beans in the plant pot?   This is a number 4... count 4 beans in.   We are learning to use number names in order when counting out loud and are learning to count accurately as we put beans in the pots 1 at a time.


Look how good we are getting at using scissors to snip and cut!  We added leaves to make our own beanstalks.
We are looking after our sunflower seeds. Every day we give them a little drop of water and look how well they are growing! 
We had our own concert in nursery this week, the children love to sing and use the musical instruments. 
The second half of Nursery had their class photo taken and were so well behaved whilst waiting in the hall. They loved the flash of the light and got so excited to smile!!
We loved playing outside and rolling cars and balls down the ramp. We loved racing the cars and seeing which one got to the end first. 
We loved our new pulley that Mrs Norton made. We grew our own beanstalk by taking it in turns to pull each side up and down. 
We made our own seed packets using pictures of different vegetables to help us. We stuck the picture in the middle of our page and then drew our own picture of that vegetable. We then wrote our names and wrote down the name of the vegetable. We talked about how plants grew and where we needed to plant them. We also talked about how they grew in the ground and we had to pick them, wash them and then we could eat them. 
We also came in non-uniform and celebrated Comic Relief. Have a look under 'Special Days' on the Acorn Nursery home page!
Look at our growing tuff tray! We had to pick the vegetables from the ground, then we had a go at planting them again. It was so much fun!

Week 3

Grow it!

This week we have enjoyed the book ‘Grow it’. We read about a little boy who planted some seeds inside first and later put them outside in his garden.  He watered the plants , pulled out the weeds and waited for them to grow.  
We did some more planting seeds ourselves and had a look around our nursery garden to see which flowers had started growing. 
Look at our fabulous Mother’s Day cards, the children each chose their own coloured card as well as their favourite coloured plant pot.  The children love painting their hands and fingers to make prints with paint and did a great job decorating their cards.  
Happy Mother’s Day ! 

Week 2

The Tiny Seed

Book and talk time

After listening to the story about the Tiny Seed, we looked at pictures of the different places to seed went and what happened to it.   We talked about what plants need to and the things that will stop them from growing.

Planting Sunflower Seeds

We had a go at planting our own seeds.  We looked at the seed packet to see the type of flower that should grow. 

We followed some instructions, chose a plant pot, filled it with compost, pushed a sunflower seed into the compost and made sure it was covered up with the soil. We then  watered it.  We know that we need to leave the pots now to let the seed grow, it needs to be outside or near to the windows and we must remember to water them.