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Thursday 8th July


Continuing with position and direction, you are going to be thinking about how the shapes and objects can move and change position- this is called translating. You will be looking at where the shape is to begin with and where the shape ends up and think about how it got there. Has it moved 2 units to the right? Has it moved 3 units down?

Guided reading:

Let's summarise! Today, we are going to be summarising the key events that have happened in Billionaire Boy so far by rewriting the blurb. There is a picture below of the original blurb. Notice that it is short and sweet and only gives clues as to what the book is about. However, I think we can do better! During the live lesson, we will discuss what we would like to give away in the blurb and what we would want to keep a secret from the reader. You will then go away and rewrite a paragraph that could replace this blurb.

Original Blurb;


Now that you have written your setting description, I wanted to show you a one that isn't so good. You will read through the setting description, particularly focusing on the adjectives that have been used. Could they be better? You can use either your own knowledge or the word mat to help you 'improve' the adjectives within the piece of writing. You might even want to make some of them expanded noun phrases.