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Tuesday 17th

Writing - 

To begin with, have a go at practising your letter formation. Are they all formed the correct way? Look at the sheet below to help you. 


The lions love their new den and are very thankful to you all for making it for them! They have another favour to ask, the pesky elephants keep using their trunks to spray the lions with water. The lions were thinking about how they could solve this problem and decided on creating an umbrella to protect themselves. Look at the video below and try to create your own umbrella to begin with. Make sure you decorate it! 


Once you have done this, we need to write instructions for the other lions so they can make their own umbrellas. I would like you to use 





in your work. Make sure you use and to make your sentences turn super. Look at my example below. 


How to make an umbrella. 

You will need - 



A cocktail stick / stick 

Pencil crayons

First cut out your shape and colour it in. 

Then cut a line to the middle of your paper. 

Phonics - 

Follow the phonics video below and try to join in as best you can. If it is a new sound that you don't know yet, don't worry! See if you can learn it before you come back to school. 

Set 2 Speed Sound Lesson 1- ay

Speed sound lesson practising the sound 'ay'

Maths - 

We are continuing to look at subtraction in maths. Can you remember what a take away sign looks like? Today we are going to be making up some stories that include subtraction questions. Looking at the picture below, can you create a story? If you can't, don't worry! Follow my story. 


There are 10 carrots altogether. 7 are being eaten by the rabbits. How many are left in the ground? 


10 - 7 = ?


See if you can think of your own questions, how many bunnies are grey? How many have dark ears? 

Work your way through the questions. When you get to the main workbook, don't worry if you can not print the work off. Simply copy it on to a piece of paper and have a go at doing it like that.