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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Welcome to our class page. Here you will find all of the exciting things that we are getting up to in Class 1! 

Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely holiday and are ready for our new exciting adventure in 'We're Off to See the Wizard'. It is down to us to save Fairytale Land!

Our new adventure is called 'We're Off to See the Wizard'. Click on the link below to find out what we have been doing!

Fairy-tale land has gone wrong! We have just received a letter telling us that we are needed to help restore fairy-tale land. All of the stories are going wrong and none of the characters from within them know what to do. Luckily, we know who can help. The wizard! We must travel to Castle Wiz in order to inform the wizard and ask for his help to make all of the stories go right again.

PE Days

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school each Monday for the full week ready for our PE sessions on a Monday and Thursday.


Homework will be sent home every Friday and will need to be returned the following Wednesday. This is a chance for me to see all of the exciting things the children get up to and how creative they are at home!

Reading and Spellings

Please note that reading books will be sent home each Friday and should be returned promptly each Thursday. Your child will then receive a new book and their reading book signed to take home until the following Thursday. Please sign your child's book when you have listened to them read. 


Lists of words to learn to spell will be sent home each Friday in your child's green spelling book. Your child will then be tested on the list of words in school on the following Thursday. Your child will then practise spelling the same words again for a second week to try and beat their score in the next spelling test in school. After this two week period a new list of words will be sent home.

Spring 1

Space Rescue!

This half term we are on a mission to save space! The evil aliens are taken over the planets, trapping everyone on them and stopping people from entering. It is our job to save them all. Neil Armstrong has recruited us as his astronauts and we are jumping in spaceships to get rid of the aliens.

The first planet we went to help was Planet Xscape. They were having problems because the aliens had put traps all over their planet. They were stuck inside and needed our help. We took down all of the traps and made our own traps to capture the aliens!

The naughty aliens were stealing all of the food on Planet Grub! We found out they did not know how to make their own food. We made them sandwiches and write them instructions so they could make them back on their home planet.

Fire Engine Visit

The naughty aliens set Planet Inferno on fire because they were bored! We had to learn all about how to put out a fire and what to do if there was a fire again. We had help from the firemen and they let us use their fire hose!

Time Travelling Ted

This half term we are learning all about toys through the ages. We are joining an old teddy bear called Ted and Barbie through their adventures to find out when and where Ted was made. Where will we end up?

Sam is wandering through a car boot sale, looking for the perfect toy. His mum has given him 50p but he can’t seem to afford anything. He hasn’t seen anything that has caught his eye apart from a lonely looking teddy bear. A slightly worn and battered bear sat on the back of the table longing for someone to love him. Sam knows that he could be the person to love this lost bear back to life. Sold! Sam is now the proud owner of Ted.


Have a look at our car boot sale posters!

When they arrive back home, Ted is taken to Sam’s bedroom. A room filled with toys and games. The other toys look over at Ted, wondering who he is and where he has come from. They ask Ted lot of questions but Ted doesn’t know – he doesn’t know who he is and where he has come from. The other toys notice that Ted looks sad. They all know where they have originated from but he doesn’t. Suddenly Barbie remembers an app she has seen on her ipad. A time travelling app which allows users to travel back in time! This would allow Ted to go back in time to see where he has come from!


Look at our amazing time travelling apps!

Ted and Barbie arrive in a Nintendo Wii, in the middle of a Mario Kart game in 2006. They land in the middle of the race track and nearly get run over by Wowser! Ted and Barbie realise that this is definitely not the right place for where Ted has come from as he doesn’t need a controller! In order to escape the game, the characters tell them that they must win the game! With a little help from Yoshi they manage to win! They say their goodbyes and are transported back to Sam’s bedroom.


Have a look at our cars that we made for Ted and Barbie!

Ted is starting to feel really sad, will he ever find where he has come from? Barbie manages to persuade him to carry on and they begin to time travel once again. All of a sudden they are transported to an arcade back in 1976. They look around the arcade that is filled with grabbers and penny slot machines, again wondering whether this could be where Ted is from? BANG BANG! They look up to find a pet rock banging on the glass of a slot machine.

Look at our brilliant Pet Rock's!

Ted is resilient and doesn’t want to give us so they decide to give the time travelling one last go, hoping that this time they will find out where Ted is from. Clicking the transport app they begin to time travel again, suddenly landing in a pile of freezing snow. What year is it? What is happening? Where are they? In the distance they see a figure sitting in the snow with their head in their hands – its Mr potato head! He looks sad. Ted and Barbie go over to him to find out what is wrong.

We all live in a yellow submarine

Look at our fantastic animal costumes!

The animals board the submarine once again, not telling Seb where they are going. They secretly sail back to Europe, making their way back to England to surprise Seb with a party for him and Herbert where they share all of their stories from the adventure.

They again set off sail, deciding that they will visit North America. As they are crossing the Pacific Ocean they are suddenly attacked by a vicious shark, breaking the motor on the submarine. The engine breaks and the animals panic. They are luckily saved by a group of dolphins who drag the submarine to shore. The animals assess the damage and decide to embark on fixing it themselves. This will be tricky as the parts are in different places across North America so will mean a huge scavenger hunt!

The submarine sails for 2 nights when it arrives in the amazon river in South America. Whilst sailing along, the submarine bumps into a caiman crocodile. The crocodile isn’t very happy about this. He explains to Seb that he is grumpy because he is hungry as he hasn’t been able to catch anything. We decided to teach the crocodile how to make a big web.

Without warning, Seb is crawling in the bath tub when suddenly someone turns the tap on and Seb is washed down the sink. He flows along the pipes without knowing where he is going when all of a sudden he is flung out of the end of the pipe, landing in the English Channel! He floats and drifts in the water before flowing into another pipe, but this pipe isn’t one he has been down before! Before he knows it he is falling down the periscope into a submarine! No one is aboard, the spider is alone, but the submarine suddenly starts to move. Seb looked around the submarine but all he could find were lots of fruit faces. We found out they were by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We made some of our own.

Seb is fed up of trying to find warm and safe places to live without being hoovered up or washed down the plug hole and therefore he wants to leave to find somewhere where he won’t be disturbed. Herbert wants to support his friend and go along on the trip with him; but Seb needs to wait until spring when Herbert will wake up from hibernating before they can set off.  We didn't know what hibernating meant so we did some research.

In a garden in England lives Seb the spider. He and his best friend Herbert the hedgehog are planning their trip around the world.  We knew that to travel we needed a passport. we wrote Seb and Herbert their own passports.