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Dinosaur Shadows 

(Resources: dinosaurs or any kind of animal, paper, pencil, sunshine so a sunny day!)

Can you find a sunny space in your back garden or on the path outside your house. You could even go to the local park on your daily walk. Take some paper, a pencil and a dinosaur and place them down so the dinosaur casts a shadow on the paper. Then have a go at drawing around the shadow. Once you've drawn around the whole shadow, take the dinosaur away and see what you have ended up with on your paper. Have fun, it's great practise for holding your pencil correctly. 

Emotions chart

(Resources: paper, glue, pen)


As it is a funny time at the moment with the lockdown and Covid-19, little ones emotions can be all over the place and they cannot express how they feel so tantrums and upset can happen quite easily. (For us as adults too) Can you make an emotions chart, just draw a cross on a piece of paper to make four boxes and label each box with a different emotion. Happy, Sad, Worried and cross. Then draw a little face next to them. Then make a small amount of different faces and cut them out so your child has to stick the correct face onto the correct emotion. 

This is a good chance to talk to your child about how they are feeling and that its okay to be worried or scared or happy! 



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