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Adventure 4: A Giant World

It is a bright sunny day, we are all playing on the school field and suddenly we find a whole garden of mushrooms that look delicious. We see a sign that says ‘eat me’. We cannot decide whether we should do or not, but because they look so tempting we cannot refuse! Where have they come from? Who has left them here?


All of a sudden, we are shrinking! The world around us a is huge and we are somehow lost amongst the grass and weeds. We shouldn’t have eaten those mushrooms. How are we ever going to return to normal?

As we fight our way through the towering grass, we bump into a friendly looking ladybird named Liz. We explain to her what has just happened and she tells us that she has seen this happen many times before and therefore knows exactly what we need to do in order to return to our normal size again! She tells us that we need to drink a special potion filled with a range of different ingredients that we are going to have to go and source. The first thing on the list is a petal from a flower.

We looked at a daffodil and took it apart to find out which part was the petal, the stem and the leaves.

We labelled a flower and then learnt about what a petals function was. We were sure we knew what we were looking for!

Have a look at some of our drawings of daffodils.

We wrote a diary to tell everyone about the magical mushroom and how we felt.

We then wrote a description of everything we could now see. We were so small in the grass everything around us seemed massive!

As we go on a hunt for this special flower we notice a bee named Bumble who is flying from flower to flower. We tell him what we are looking for and he tells us that there hasn’t been any of these particular plants grown around here yet and therefore we must grow it ourselves. He gives us some seeds and we plant them, remembering that we must come back to get it once it has grown! Bumble tells us that another thing that we need in our potion is the feather from a chick. He shows us the direction that we must travel in order to find one.

We decided to come up with our own stories about what Bumble could have done with his day. Have a look at our brilliant stories!

We carefully follow some directions and travel to a nearby farm where we meet Chesney the chick who agrees to help us. He tells us that we can have one of his feathers if we help to look after him and his brothers and sisters who don’t have anywhere to keep warm. We agree to incubate the chicks in return for a feather.

When the eggs arrived in school we wrote about how to keep them safe until they go back to the farm. Have a look at our reports.

The first signs of hatching

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Have a look at our chicks hatching!

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Meet Fred and Chesney.

Good Morning

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The chicks have been named!
We have:

Today we got the meet and hold the chicks for the first time!

Now the eggs have hatched we know the life-cycle of a hen! Have a look at our work.

Chesney also tells us that in order to make our potion we need to find the stem of a giant strawberry. As we begin to set off we see a huge sign for a giant strawberry competition! Hopefully we will find one here!

We looked at the parts of a strawberry plant so that we knew which part we needed.

We looked at lots of different fruits and wrote 'Who am I?' poems for the insects and animals to guess.

Colin tells us that our potion is still not finished and that we now need the wool from a sheep. He tells us that we therefore need to travel to a farm where we will find some. He tells us that if we wait a little longer, he will soon have turned into a butterfly and therefore could fly us to a nearby farm.

As we arrive on a nearby farm, we are greeted by Sally the sheep who is just about to go and have her wool sheered. We had a look round the farm and wrote what we could see.

Now we are outside we are freezing cold! We need some more tiny clothes. We decided to design a new jumper and then make it out of felt.

We follow her into the barn, ready to collect some wool. Without warning she turns around and catches us! We explain to her that we are on a special mission to collect different ingredients for a potion to allow us to return to normal size again. We write descriptions of Sally and asked her is we could have some wool.

Sally is really helpful and allows us to take some more of her wool. She also tells us the final and most important ingredient for our potion is the root from a broad bean. Sally tells us that we must choose the right bean or else the potion will not work, as some beans make things turn giant!

We realised that we had so many strawberries left. We decided to host a bake sale for our parents. We made strawberry cakes, jelly, strawberry cheesecakes and Eton mess.

We put all of the things into a pot, stirring them with the twigs from the forest and chanting the special rhyme. The potion is ready to drink. We wrote down instructions for other people to follow.