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Autumn 1 - Changes Through the Ages

2020 certainly has been a bit of a strange year to say the least! This year will definitely go down in history and will be something which we'll all be talking about and teaching our families about in the future. That's how things change through the years - and during our first adventure in Mulberry Class, we'll be thinking about how things changed from Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and how these changes influence our life in 2020.


We came back to school after having 6 months off and decided it would be a good idea to think about what has happened this year and how we have felt about it. We wrote letters to our future self telling them all about the strange year that has been 2020. We reminded ourselves of how to use capital letters and full stops before thinking about what we had done in lockdown and how that made us feel.

The next day, Mr Cooper discovered a letter which had been left and hadn't been written in someone's book. It was ripped and didn't have a name on it. We thought it was quite bizarre what the letter was saying as none of us hunted for our own food in lockdown or lived in a cold, dingy place.
Next we found out about this field in Amesbury. We looked at where this town was in relation to Leeds and played games to remind us of the directions on a compass. 
We wanted to try and find out where this letter could have come from. Mulberry classroom suddenly turned into a time machine and we travelled back to 10,000BC. The time machine kept getting stuck in different parts of history as we went back. Then, the time machine BROKE and we were STUCK in 10,000BC, in a field in Wiltshire!
After we'd imagineered, we decided to make some of our phrases and words better. We did an edit lesson where we thought of synonyms to make our writing more interesting. In the afternoon, we wrote our own diary entries about our journey back to 10,000BC! 
Next, we decided to find out a little bit more about what life was like in 10,000BC at the start of the Stone Age (Palaeolithic Era). We looked at their way of life and compared it to our own.
We discovered that the person who had left us the letter had also sent us a video. That video was showing us around a house in a village in Scotland called Skara Brae. We travelled to this place to find out more about the houses. We became estate agents and in our SPAG lesson, thought about adjectives to make the houses sound amazing! We completed a Burn2Learn by thinking about whereabouts questions could go in our advert before planning and writing our own. 
When we came in after lunch, Mr Cooper told us that the classroom had been turned into a cave over lunch by mistake and the person who had wrote us the letter and sent us the video was sending us another message to tell us something. We completed another Burn2Learn where we were inside the caves. We crawled through and realised how small and tight they were. On the ceiling and walls to the cave there were paintings. Our enquiry skills allowed us to ask questions about these paintings and find out why they were there. We then had a go at creating our own and as you can see from below, the results were pretty amazing!!