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Summer 1

Sunny days


We have enjoyed some nice sunny days and have enjoyed some picnic snack times. 





There has been water fun too,  Alfie told us that he’d made a roundabout, when he made circular marks with the wet sweeping brush.  We then noticed after a while that it had gone!  Zimal told us that the sun had dried it away.  We have enjoyed making dens and setting up BBQs and there has been lots of imaginary play taking place. 

The Colour Monster

We love the colour monster and have spent lots of time talking about emotions and feeling.  


We have loved the different coloured dough and we talked about the colours the colour monster turns and what the colours represent.   We especially liked it when colour monster is green and enjoyed some time being calm and peaceful!


We have loved exploring the coloured water. The children have taken great care and concentrated well when pouring and have taken great care of the interesting bottles and jars.  When the water ran out we explored refilling the bottles with more and chose our own colours.  We talked about what we saw happening as we mixed colours together and noticed that at the end of the day when all colours were together , the water had turned brown.  Lots of lovely play and conversation were taking place between the children. 

We looked at different photographs of children showing different emotions and asked the questions . 


How do you think they are feeling?   


  What could have made them feel like this? 




We have spent lots of time outside this week exploring the outdoors. The children have enjoyed playing with a bat and ball and the bowling pins, knocking them over then putting them back up for the next person to have a turn. They have also been playing in the sand and the water tray too. It has been lovely to see the children enjoying our nursery so much. 

This week we have been celebrating King Charles and Queen Camilla and the fact that they are been crowned King and Queen Consort on Saturday 6th May. We have been making hats and flags and bunting in the Union Jack colours. We are also having a party with the rest of the school and then next week we are inviting parents in for a coronation picnic. We cannot wait to celebrate this moment in history. 


We have been enjoying the popular rhyme ‘Ten in the bed’. 
The children have talked about the animals thst roll over and fall to her floor, joining in with the rhyme. 
They liked to see the animals climb back in with the little one at the end and all fall asleep.  We have done lots of counting both forwards and backwards as we played and sang the rhyme together.  
Daisy made her own bed but it wasn’t quite big enough for ten! 

The children have practised writing their names a lot this week. They have used their name cards so they can see the sounds in their name and then they have practised writing their names on any work they have done. The children have practised holding the pencil in a grip hold and we are continuing to do dough disco to strengthen their fingers and their grip. Well done Nursery. 

It was great to welcome the children back to nursery after the Easter break and they were happy to be back having fun with their friends. 

We have been enjoying the story 'The Little Red Hen' and our children are enjoying joining in with the story and doing actions as we go. 

We made our own bread , measured and weighed out the flour, salt, sugar, yeast, water and milk.  We watched the bread maker mix and knead the dough and then waited for it to rise, after a few hours our bread was ready to eat,  and just like the little red hen , we ate it with creamy butter, it was delicious! 


Second half of nursery 


We no longer have frogspawn in the pond but lots of tiny tadpoles.  We brought some inside and have been learning about what will happen as the tadpoles begin to grow.  

Poppy said- “They are wiggly , I saw a big one, the frog will jump on my head!”


 Max said- “they are frogs growing.”

Whilst reception were on a school trip today, Nursery were very lucky to be able to try out their playground. The children absolutely loved playing on the climbing frame and sliding down the slide. They enjoyed exploring the kitchen that has been made under the shelter and they had a look at the toys they could play with. They had a brilliant time and cannot wait to start reception in September.