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Any writing work you complete at home this week, please bring back into school on Wednesday so we can finish it in school.



We're going to spend today doing a short edit. Below is a passage taken from the newspaper about England getting to the Euros final (I'm putting this up onto the website on Sunday so hopefully it's all true haha!). There are some words which I've made bold and underlined. I'd like you to use the link below to the Kids Thesaurus and try and change the words which are underlined, but checking they still make sense. If you type the underlined word into the website, it will give you a list of synonyms (which mean the same). You need to choose an appropriate one and have a go at rewriting the text using synonyms for the words - the more creative the better, but make sure they make sense - don't just pick the first one you see! 


When you return to school tomorrow, we're going to begin writing a detailed comparative character description. We're going to describe a yeti and then compare that to an injured yeti. Below are 2 photographs of yetis. I'd like you to use the word mats which you can download below and write me a list of as many amazing adjectives as you can. Yesterday, you used the thesaurus website so if there are any adjectives which you think you can make more interesting, use that website to help you again (link still above) but remember to make sure they're suitable. Please bring these back to school tomorrow and it will help you with beginning to write the description.

Remember to go from head to toe when describing this character and remember every little detail about what you can see on him.