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Thursday 4th March

World Book Day 2021!


During this live lesson, we are going to play a game called 'Storybook Catchphrase'. You might have seen Catchphrase on the television before so I thought we would give it a go but for popular storybooks. You are all fantastic readers and will definitely recognise some of these front covers. Once we have finished the live lesson, I would like you to come up with a storybook catchphrase of your own. Draw the front cover of your favourite book on a sheet of paper. Then, divide it into 12 sections, just like we did during the game. After that, cut out 12 sections of coloured/plain paper to cover the sections of your front cover. You can then play this game with whoever is at home. See if they can guess your front cover!


I would like you to think about your favourite book. Think about it's front cover; the image, the colours, the title. Today, you are going to become an illustrator for your favourite book and you're going to recreate and improve it's front cover. You need to make it eye-catching so that passers-by will notice it and want to buy it.


Now that you have recreated your favourite cover, I would like you to summarise what your favourite book is about. Remember: a summary is a brief explanation that includes the key events. Without giving too much away in your summary, share it with the person next to your or someone at home and see if they can guess which book you have summarised.

Please make sure you send me photos of your work and your costumes!