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Early Years - Everybody and Me

In Early Years, they were on an adventure to help a little alien ‘Aren’ who needed to find a human to help him solve lots of problems on his home planet.

When they heard the alien had landed the children went outside to follow clues to find him. He had already gone on the hunt for a human so they drew missing posters to locate him.

They realised he might be confused because he looks different to an alien so they labelled, using initial sounds, a human body. They also drew pictures of themselves to help him.

Unfortunately Arun didn’t know how to find a human so the children in Nursery tried to help him. They focussed on mark making to write their own name and draw a picture of themselves to show the alien.

Aren needed some help when living in England so they wrote a shopping list for items to buy to help him stay healthy.

When they found Aren they thought about how they could be a good friend to him. They tried using the tripod pencil grip to draw pictures showing how to be kind to others.

The children then learnt about the word ‘different’ and compared two different aliens. They used their phonic knowledge to write words to compare the two aliens.