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Autumn 1 - Sound

We began our new science topic by thinking about silence. We thought about which areas of school would be the loudest and which would be the quietest. We then went on a sound walk around school and wrote down everything we could hear in the 5 locations we chose as a class.

Next, we began to investigate how sound is made. We used tuning forks to investigate vibrations and then created string telephones. The children were then challenged to test their scientific enquiry skills by changing something about their string telephone and commenting on what they noticed. 

This week, we looked at pitch and amplitude and the children made some panpipes using straws. We predicted that the shorter the straw, the higher the pitch and we tested this to see if we were correct (sorry parents for the very annoying, squeaky straws your child brought home this week laugh ) 

This week, we explored different ways of hearing. We thought about animals which are good at hearing and thought why, we thought about hearing enhancers and learnt some sign language and also investigated amplitude comparing cone shaped ears to cylinder shaped ears. Click the page below to see some of us spelling our name in Sign Language!

Autumn 2 - Scientific Enquiry

We don't have a formal science topic this half term but decided to do some scientific enquiry skills where we put Archimedes water displacement theory to the test! The children wrote fantastic predictions, carried out their investigations perfectly using lots of enquiry skills and questioning and came up with fantastic conclusions from their experiments.

Spring 1 - Electricity 

We began with a pre-assessment activity to see what we already knew. There were 5 activities set up around the classroom and the children had to go and give them a go with no guidance whatsoever from Mr Cooper. At the end of our topic, we will then repeat this activity and see how much we improve after we've learnt all about electricity!

In the next lesson, we started to think about dangers and safety relating to electricity. We did some great research using secondary sources.

We investigated circuits. The children built different circuits and learnt about complete and incomplete circuits. They then tested different circuits to see if they worked after making predictions.

Next, we looked at conductors and insulators and tried to work out what one was. We discovered that metal is a conductor and we managed to answer Saffy's key questions:

- Why aren't wires made of wood?

- Would you make a crocodile clip out of margarine?

- Why are wires covered in plastic?

We ended our science topic with the same lesson we began with to see how much we had progressed. We managed to do the activity so much quicker because we had learnt so much during this half term. All of the children showed that they had made progress from the first lesson and really enjoyed getting to explore the equipment again now they understood! 

Spring 2 - States of Matter