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Autumn 1

Week 3


This week we are looking at patterns. We are aiming to be able to recognise patterns and then sorting objects in to groups by their pattern as well as beginning to create our own repeating patterns in the provision areas. 

Week 4:

This week we have been working on being able to understand and use the vocabulary more and fewer in a range of contexts. The children have been picking up handfuls of objects, making different sized animal family’s and creating their own object groups to then specify which group has more and which group has fewer!

Week 5:


This week we have been investigating weight with the balance scales. We can now use the language heavy and light confidently when comparing the weight of two objects and have been looking at what happens when two objects weigh the same (the scales balance!)

Week 6:


This week we have been exploring height. We started by reading Tall by Jez Alborough. We then looked at comparing our height and seeing who was taller and who was shorter in our classroom. This led into provision as we started to look at comparing the height of dinosaurs and the towers we were building. Some of us were then able to order some objects by being tall, taller and the tallest.

Week 7


This week we have been exploring length. We started by going on a stick hunt and looking for the longest and shortest stick. We then started to look at ordering the sticks from shortest to longest and then using the vocabulary long, longer and longest to order different sticks/worms.

We then began looking at capacity and what the word capacity actually means. We then explored capacity in the different areas of provision using the new words we had learnt.