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Thursday 14th January 2021

Thursday 14th January


Guided Reading (10.30am)

In Guided Reading today, we'll today be looking at some information about Old Faithful which is a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. In the live lesson, I'll read the text to the children and then we'll start to think about some tricky, unknown words and some strategies to try and work out the definition. This will then be the children's first task to work out the meanings of some of the words. 


Then (this is tricky), I challenge the children to use their amazing summarisation skills which we were using on Monday, to answer 3 key questions about the text - but to answer them in just 15 words or less. It's a tricky task, but give it a go and see if you can summarise it using all of the key information in 15 words or less!


Adventure (anytime)

Today, we're going to think about another element of art - photography. Attached below is some information and photographs from a photographer called Ansel Adams. Today, I'd like you to have a look through is work and see what you notice. All of the photographs show either landscapes or close ups and are all in black and white. Then, I'd like you to go and take some photographs and then have a play about with editing them to black and white. You can do this using the edit feature on camera roll of a phone or tablet.


It would be lovely to see some of the photographs the children have taken so please send them in to me. 


Writing (1pm)

Today, we're going to write the final parts of information for your leaflet. By now, you should have written about the history of the park and wildlife. Today, I'd like you to follow the checklist to write some content which could go into each of these sections for your leaflet. In the live input, I'll share this with you and then for the SPAG element, we are going to think about writing some catchy subheadings to match up with what we are writing. 


I'd like you to continue writing sections now:

Introducing Yellowstone

Opening Hours and directions

Reasons to visit Yellowstone


You can see my example attached below too.


Maths (9.15am)

Today, my group will be focussing lots on the column method of addition and showing it in lots of different ways. We'll be moving on to think about 3 digit numbers and some larger numbers.


Adventure - how to edit photos on Apple

Still image for this video