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Friday 26th February

Maths - 


Todays lesson is all about adding equal groups - don't forget, equal means the same amount! Think about how many groups you have and how many items are in each group. Then count how many there are altogether.  So if you have 3 groups made up of 4 each, then it would be 3 lots of 4 which equals 12. 

Writing - 


Today in writing we are going to practise our spellings so please have a pencil and paper at the ready. The spellings are below for you to have a go at writing before the lesson. 



Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

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Spellings - 


Remember, all of the days of the week start with a capital letter.






RSE - 


We are going to be looking at our feelings today. Have a listen to the video below and then complete the activity. You have a feelings monster below, think about what colour each emotion is. For example, if you feel angry you may think about the colour red, or if you're calm then you could think of the colour blue. Have a think about what emotion you are feeling right now and then colour your monster in and give it a face to match. I would like you to write a little sentence about your monster too. If you can not print the page out, just draw your own. 


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