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Friday 12th February


Today we are going to be finding the end time to 5 minutes given the start time and the duration. These questions have two parts to them. The clock doesn't show us the start time! We have to work that our first before we can find the end time.


This is our last pirate skill to learn before we can officially become pirates! Read the text carefully to find the answers.


Over the last 5 weeks we have taught the native lots of different writing skills. They have written an excellent description of pirates. Our job is to find all of the good things that they have used.


We should look out for:

  • noun phrases
  • connectives (when, if, that, and, or, so, but, because)
  • -ed, -ful, -ness, -ly ending words
  • adjectives
  • comma's for a list
  • questions marks in the right place
  • apostrophe when something belongs to someone
  • exclamation marks in the right place


Can you spot all of these in the natives writing? Use a highlighter or underline all of the things that they have done well (just like I do with your work at school!).


Now it's time to bury your own treasure. You will need to creature your own treasure chest to hide it in! Using old boxes or empty cartons around your house get creative and make your own treasure chest. See if you can make one that has a lid that opens and closes!