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Celebrating Languages and Culture

    French Day 2022   




On Thursday 24th March the whole school had a wonderful day celebrating all the things we have been learning about France and the French language. 



We all gathered in the hall at the start of the day to enjoy a quiz, children v teachers. It was touch and go throughout but eventually the children won the tie-breaker question, which just goes to show how much they know about France!


Next we had a very special, very French, tasting challenge which we were not sure whether any of the children would be up for......





Needless to say Westwood rose to the occasion!

We could not believe how brave and adventurous the children were.

Fabian was first up followed by a stream of volunteers - here are some pictures of just a few of our héros! They discovered that the snails were surprisingly tasty and some even came back for more!!!





















The teachers were not quite so impressed although our French teacher, Madame Oates, and Monsieur Ashford, loved them!!!





During the rest of the day everyone was very busy experiencing lots of different activities. Here are some of the things we enjoyed.



Boulangerie et Patisserie


Each Key Stage had the task of making and baking a French pastry ready for our café in the afternoon.

Here are some of the delicious pains au chocolats and baguettes that we made.






The children became amazing Chocolatiers, melting and moulding chocolate to create beautiful Chocolats de Pâques, presented in a traditional French way.




Boules (bowls) is a traditional and very popular game, played throughout France, often in town squares or parks. Just as in bowls, each 'boule' is thrown as near as possible to the 'cochonnet' ('jack' - although it literally means 'piglet'!) and we all really enjoyed testing our bowling skills against each other. 


















Chasse aux trésors

(Treasure Hunt)

Here the children worked in teams to track down pictures of as many famous French landmarks as they could find around school. They then used iPads to research where the landmarks are situated and placed them correctly on the map of France.





Activités artistiques

(Arts and crafts)

In the afternoon the children had a great time making French Easter themed pictures, cards, bookmarks, bunting and playing French games.







We then finished the day off at the Westwood Café where parents were able to join their children for a relaxing tasse de café, sample the pastries they had made and buy a bag of our delicious Chocolats de Pâques.

Thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate with us!




Joyeuses Pâques!